While you're waiting for Pear Blossom...

It's summer, which means lots of extra time to fill with kids and families. Whether it's a road trip, lazy afternoons, or a drive to the dentist, we hope that our Pear Blossom story - and all the great content that will come from Fablist - will be a great resource for you and your family.

In the meantime, here's some of the audio content available for kids RIGHT NOW. We happen to think that Fablist is going to be a totally unique project worth doing, but as you can see there's lots out there that might suit you already.

Wow in the World, the newest kids podcast from NPR.

Stories Alive - fully produced, kid-written stories from NPR

Brains On! - another from NPR, more like a traditional NPR show by and for kids.

The radio adventures of Dr Floyd - a little wacky, lots of fun, it's the internet’s longest running, professionally produced, family friendly podcast!

Story Pirates - not a podcast or audio, actually, but we think these guys are awesome!

And a few more that are your pretty traditional "story teller" style projects:

The Story Home

"Stories" podcast

Story Nory

Sparkle Stories


Happy listening this summer! Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more resources, more updates, and to join us in our Kickstarter August 2017!

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