Logos and Adams

Adam is not that common of a name for my generation. In fact I only really remember one other Adam being in classes with me, and that was for about half a year in the second grade. I don't know what ever happened to him...

So it's been a unique experience for me working closely with Adam Bertels over the past few years on logos for all my new businesses.

He did the Hugmonster Sound logo,

and STL Vernacular,

in addition to all his much-more-well-known work for Strange Donuts and more.

His work is so delightful and so engaging, I was thrilled when he agreed to jump on board with me once more.


We started out with me sending a bunch of references for kids' entertainment logos that I liked and didn't like, and with the general idea of what Fablist IS, and what I wanted the logo to communicate. Here are his first drafts of some options:

We were off to a great start, and immediately went in the direction of the open book - it's much more inviting, don't you think? But we didn't want it looking TOO modern, since we're focusing on retelling fables and fairy tales, some of which are thousands of years old. So a few more rounds of revisions got us to our final version, which you can see all over the site:

I think it's a great blend of old and new, timeless and modern, and doesn't it just make you want to jump in to that book and hear what's inside?

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for some more behind-the-scenes info on Fablist and our first story, Pear Blossom!

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