Introducing Fablist

Fablist is an idea that has been brewing in one form or another for years and I'm so excited that it's becoming a reality. This blog will showcase some of the work being done by my fellow creators, and give some insight into the process of how Fablist came to be, what it means to me, and maybe how you can help.

So without further ado:

Fablist is audio stories for kids with a simple moral message.

We tell original stories based on fairy tales, fables, proverbs, and parables from world cultures, re-imagined in the lives of modern kids.

Stories are produced in a cinematic audio style, which means character dialog, sound effects, original music, and environmental sound design. These are stories that will sound as good as anything Hollywood can produce, but you and your family can enjoy them without being tied to a screen.

Those simple moral messages are not preached, not told outright, and do not adhere to any established religion or doctrine. Our characters just experience their world in such a way that widely held ethical values like the golden rule, caring for our planet, or the value of friendship are made clear in the story. We won't tell your kids what to believe, but we will offer you a narrative framework for talking with your kids about how to be a great human being.

Finally, stories are told in serial installments - our first story, Pear Blossom, will likely take four or five segments to tell properly. These installments are all available for free while the story is active, and will be available for download, on CD, and on limited edition vinyl once a storyline is complete.

Highly engaging entertainment that instills values and frees your kids from a screen? What's not to love?

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