Be A Fablist

A Fablist is a kid who cares for others, who respects her friends, and who always tries to do what’s right.


A Fablist uses his imagination to build a world in his head - a Fablist doesn’t always need a screen.

This constantly-updated page provides a wealth of content - from book recommendations and blog posts to audio clips, music, and sneak peeks of upcoming stories- to engage your kids in a world of stories that teach these simple moral lessons. 

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From the Fablist blog

Links and Resources

We think Fablist is totally unique, and that it's going to be great. But that's not to say there's not already great content for your family, whether it's science podcasts from NPR, kids music that won't make you claw your cochlea out, or great storytellers telling great stories.

Here are some of our favorites, please email us if you think we missed something great!

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Story Nory


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The Story Home


The Radio Adventures of Dr Floyd


Story Pirates

Stories Alive


Brains On!


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