About FABList

We tell unique, original stories that reimagine fairy tales, fables, parables, and proverbs from world cultures.

We tell these stories in a cinematic audio style to fully engage listeners, no screen required.

And every story has a simple moral message to help parents raise empathetic, thoughtful kids.


   Fablist is a brand new way for families to consume stories, to share the experience, and to spark discussions of how we treat the world and our fellow humans. We will produce a series of thoughtful, engaging, and unique stories that draw kids and their families into the world of the characters.

     Each story is told in 3-5 serialized installments, with dialog, immersive sound design, and music; and has a simple, universally accepted moral at its core. You won't find organized religion or prescribed doctrine, and there isn't a narrator at the end telling you how to behave. These are simply well-told stories that give families a starting point for discussions of ethics, character, and behavior.

     Many modern parents feel overwhelmed by our desires for our children.

     We want 

          to keep them busy,

          to help them be happy,

          to teach them to appreciate the world around them,

          and to be kind to their neighbors.

     We worry

          about our kids making friends,

          about them being responsible members of society,

          about their grades,

          about how much homework they have,

          and about how they treat other people. 

     And, increasingly, we worry about how much time we and our kids are spending staring at screens instead of engaging our imaginations and creativity.

     Fablist doesn’t solve all these problems, but it does give parents of any faith, religion, or background an accessible, engaging, and imaginative entertainment option that instills simple ethical values in their kids.